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Supplement Packaging

At the Herbal Extract Company we understand that a nice eye catching container means more sales. From a variety of bottles, clear or colored, and a variety of caps we try to produce great looking products. If we are packaging softgels we insert a dessicant in each bottle to absorb moisture to keep the softgels from sticking together. We then use caps with inner seals that say sealed for your protection. We then go one step further and put on an outer shrink wrap band, that also says sealed for your protection. In the case of hard gelatin capsules we also stuff cotton in the top of the bottle. Once we have the bottles finished we box them according to your specifications.

Designing Supplement Labels

Designing Supplement Bottles

Bottling Supplements

Labeling Supplements

Packaging Supplements in Bulk

All supplements are packaged in climate controled rooms at a consistant 74° year round.

Packaging Supplements Individualy

Most customers buying supplements over the internet have prefer their supplements be shipped in discreet plain brown boxes. For several years Herbal Extract Company has shipped all supplements in plain brown boxes. Recently with US Postal Services flat rate boxes Herbal Extract Company has been shipping domestic shipments in discreet non-identifing flat rate boxes.