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Supplement Bottling & Labeling Process

The Herbal Extract Company can label most any bottle. Once the size of the bottle is decided upon, the label is made to size to cosmetically fit the bottle. Once the bottles are full and capped they are either labeled or shipped without labels. If we label the products we used a high volume labeling machine with an allen hot foil stamper on it to stamp lot numbers and expiration dates. Herbal Extract Company works with our herbal supplement clients in designing labels to ensure that they are FDA compliant with supplement facts and other FDA requirements.

Designing Supplement Labels

Labels are custom designed to fit there respective bottle in looks and size. Art work is done with the latest Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs currently CS4. Herbal Extracts works close with clients to create the supplement they want.

Designing Supplement Bottles

Supplement bottles can come in a variety of sizes, colors, and opacities. Depending on the supplement pill size and supplement quanity the size of the bottle may be restricted. Bottle colors and clearness is determined by the client and should be appropriate for the respective label.

Bottling Supplements

Supplements are bottled by machines that drop the exact amount of pills per bottle inside. They then are padded with cotton.

Labeling Supplements

Supplement labels are put on bottles acuratly at very high speeds with a industrial specialized labeling machine designed for labeling supplements.

Packaging Supplements in Bulk

Packaging Supplements Individualy