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Ginkgo Biloba

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Ginseng (Asian)

Ginseng Root (Siberian)

Eleutherococcus senticosus

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Ginseng root (siberian) uses?

What condition are you taking this herb for?
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Major: Invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility or declining capacity for work and concentration. During convalescence.

Minor: Chronic inflammatory conditions. Prevention of colds and flu. Supportive use during radiation or chemotherapy. Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Actions in humans: Immunostimulant (healthy volunteers, after consuming fluid extracts, had increased lymphocyte countsóespecially of T-lymphocytes). Adaptogenic and immunomodulatory. Tranquilizing effect on the CNS. CNS stimulant. Lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Actions in animals: In various stress models (e.g. immobilization and coldness tests), rodent had enhanced endurance. Hypo/hyperglycemic activity, seative actions, CNS stimulant effects, immunostimulant, antitoxic, adaptogenic, steroidal activity, antiedema, antiinflammatory, improved reproductive capacity.