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Herbal Extract Company's Facilities


Corporate Facility

The Herbal Extract Company is located in northern Minnesota. This facility specializes in the manufacture of herbal supplements, vitamin supplements, amino acid supplements, and mineral supplements. The Herbal Extract Company also manufactures pharmaceutical compounds. At this facility most of the finish work is done and most shipments are shipped from here. Bottling, labeling, and packaging are all done at the corporate facility.

Processing Plant

The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company was started in Florida. This facility specializes in the collection of a variety of herbal supplements in their raw stages. For example Saw Palmetto is collected here during berry season in the Fall. The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company only buys the best quality saw palmetto berries when they are most ripe the berry will turn from a hard green consistency to an orange to black, soft, and oily saw palmetto berry. After saw palmetto berries are purchased from local growers and harvesters they are placed in specialized industrial driers made for drying saw palmetto and other herbs. Once the berries and other herbals have been dried to a low moisture percentage they can then be ground into coarse powder. They are then ground over and over again until powders pass capsule grade inspection. Once the saw palmetto powder passes it is then sterilized and either sent to the corporate facility for capsuling or brought to the extraction phase. This is where saw palmetto extract is removed from the ground powder which can be 4 times as potent as the powder per volume. Finally the saw palmetto extract comes to the end of the road and is sent to the corporate facility to make softgels.